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Things I Love. Music I Love.

This is not so much an essay as it is a LIST. I love good music, nice instrumentals whether it’s a Fat Jon throwback or Mozart on deck. I love giving myself footbaths, soaking them in the sink with a Lush bath bomb tickling my feet while fizzling away. I love those Yeezy piano beats in SV’s SELFISH. I love big hugs and bigger I love you’s from my daughter. I love beautifully designed hotels and comfy hotel rooms that scream out, or sing out in a classy way, SWANKY. Vdara, yo. I love Bruno Mars’ womp..I want to steal ?uestlove’s afro pick and stick it in Brunzi’s hair. I love the smell and the sound of ocean waves beating against the rocks. I love Mos Def and Talib Kweli..oh yeah, I guess that makes BLACKSTAR. I love the view of the stars, and maybe I can reach them someday since the sky is the limit. I love flowers, I want to make flower crowns, paint flower pictures, and make flower bouquets – but wait, I can’t say I want to learn all the names. I got the basics down: roses, sunflowers, tulips, lily of the valley. I love Macklemore for his positive mainstream music and damn I want to go thrift shopping with him for reals. I love strawberries, the sweet, red fruit of the summer and the sick ass beat Freddie Joachim made to go with it. How can I make an I LOVE list without mentioning my family members? Of course I love my daughter, my mom, my dad, my bro, and “all my family” to the moon and back a hundred times – the sentiment is there, don’t be thrown off by the lack of vocalization. I love my glasses, oh how I can see clearly now .. (the rain ain’t gone though). I really love those Oddisee instrumentals, they sound so majestic like I could almost go for a run, maybe a run with my eyes closed and let the magic of the music fly me through to the destination of happiness and relief. You know what I love? Local businesses that sell me fish and chips, that use locally sourced ingredients, that offer goods in exchange for a better world. You know what I love? Local businesses that make hot chocolate out of in-house made chocolate. I LOVE hot chocolate. I made my own tonight and it was divine. Melted Toblerone on oil then added almond milk. Oooh it was real good. I mean if you could go and buy heaven flavour, that might be it cuz we all know Heaven probably tastes like chocolate. I love vegan pizza from Vegan Pizza House. I love the colour of the sky when it turns reddish purplish, it makes for a beautiful sunset and it is an indicator that the next day will be sunny too. I love. I love love. I love YO YO MA. I just dig classical, it makes everyday life look beautiful. I love art. I wish Georgia O’keeffe was alive so I could track her down and make her be my mentor. I love how Georgia loved nature. I love sunflowers. I told Mary my favourite hymn when I was a kid was “like a sunflower, I follow every movement of the sun, so I turn towards you and follow you my God”. I love spices and oils, they are like the toiletries of food. And Lord knows, I LOVE toiletries. Al Green. I love Al Green. How come I don’t have any of his cds? I love nature. I want to breathe in the trees. Maybe I even want to live in them. I want to sleep on the beach and use torches as my light. I love beaches at dawn and beaches at dusk when the sun, clouds, and sky meld together in colour – the view is like a beautiful, live painting. You can experience the definition of exotic while in the midst of a sunrise or sunset. I love taking pictures – the hobby started when I found the macro button. Photo taking is like writing – using a medium to soak up and poetically explain a message; hopefully a beautiful message. And writing? I do love to write. So much so that I try to avoid it.

March 28, 2014

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current mood: magical awesome happy place

For people who are too scared to have fun. For people who feel they have nothing to offer. For people who want to sit back and laugh and eat. For people who need a mirror for reassurance. For people who are too damn serious. For people who have nothing to talk about. For people who are boring. For people who are unable to articulate without putting themselves in a negative light. For the self-conscious and lazy folk. Or the trying-as-hard-as-you-can-and-not-getting-anywhere folk. For those that can’t retain information and reiterate and reverberate what you’ve learned. For those who can be fanfuckintastically awesome around some people because your self consciousness subsides and you can be “you” but stick some pressure in that previously pressureless place and now it’s like hey where did that stick up your ass come from?
For those who can’t really talk about what they do because they don’t really do shit.

You’re not alone.

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snow white

Snowflakes fall swiftly and quietly, seemingly purposely.

White specks calmly dance their way to my hair, my lashes, my lips.

White covers the sky  – it looks like 4pm in the city but sounds like 12am on the countryside.

I stand outside slowly breathing the cold air in through my nose and out my mouth.

I can see my breath; I’m amused by the snow falling.

Eventually I feel the bite of the wind and have to put my head down.

I dig my gloved hands into my pockets, searching for extra warmth.

The adoration stops for a minute and I make my trek back.

The light in the street lamp above flickers and the trees sway, snowflakes whirling and twirling around them.

My boots make lone steps and I can hear a soft crunch in the snow with each footprint I make.

The wind dies down and I look up again.

I see the beginning of a winter wonderland.

Virgin white snow coats the sidewalks and streets like a fluffy blanket, each snowflake falling into place to make a new layer.

Eventually, the snow will be dirtied and muddied with tracks of canines, cars and other people.

Eventually, this lovely snow white will be replaced and will subside with the changing seasons.

But for now, all I see is what it is: a winter wonderland untouched by no one and nothing but me and the falling snowflakes.

The former and the future doesn’t matter.

I look up and close my eyes, breathing in the quietness and the briskness and the tenderness of it all.

The air may be cold, but it feels good, and the snow better.

November 19, 2010

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Raw Beet and Dill Salad

Servings: 4
Prep: 15 mins
Cost Analysis: $2.00 per serving


1 L grated beets
2 shallots, minced
30 ml apple cider vinegar
15 ml Dijon mustard
30 ml fresh dill
30 ml extra virgin olive oil or flax oil
To taste pepper and sea salt


  1. Wash, peel, and grate beets. Set aside.
  2. In a large bowl, mix the oil, vinegar, Dijon mustard, s+p. Add beets and minced shallots and mix well. Sprinkle dill on top and serve.